Hanadu Technology

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Hanadu In-Home M2M Technology

M2M services delivered wirelessly struggle to reach devices that are located inside homes, as
external wireless networks struggle to penetrate the shell of the building and internal wireless
networks continue to face challenges with the obstacles, clutter and coverage deadspots within a
typical home environment.  As M2M services look to connect to mobile devices that move in and
out of the consumer’s home, and as M2M services within the home begin to take off, a new
generation of reliable M2M connectivity is now needed for mass market take-up to begin.

Hanadu delivers a ubiquitous In-Home M2M experience for service operators and equipment
vendors. It is a revolutionary communications technology that delivers Whole Home, Every Home
connectivity at a cost point compatible with low margin domestic appliances as well as higher value
consumer electronics. It reaches within the home to every point where M2M connectivity might be
needed, and overcomes the deadspots and range problems typically associated with previous in-
home deployments. Unlike equivalent wireless offerings, costly but underused repeater points are
not needed. Ad hoc topologies are supported with auto-discovery routing algorithms, and the
bandwidth scales to support many dozens of connected endpoints within a single home.

Hanadu comes with a radically lower power consumption than legacy approaches.  Its small form factor enables integration into the smallest of devices, and its feature-rich functionality supports sophisticated interactions for complex devices.  State-of-the-art network security keeps householders’ privacy fully secure.  In addition, Hanadu is compatible with all other in-home connectivity technologies, both wired and wireless.