Our Products

Xsilon develops ultra reliable In-Home M2M connectivity.

Xsilon’s Hanadu technology is the first networking solution designed specifically for M2M communications around the home.  It delivers four-nines connection reliability to all devices, wherever they are in the home, whichever home they are in.

Hanadu makes the Internet of Things a reality.

Hanadu products support mainstream networking standards such as IPv6, 6LowPAN, Thread and ZigBee (including Home Automation Profile 1.X and Smart Energy Profile 1.X, plus ZigBee 3.0).  They are compatible with all other in-home connectivity solutions, both wired and wireless.

The first target market for Hanadu’s M2M capability is Home Energy Management, providing appliance-level connectivity that meets the needs of vendors, service providers, utilities and householders.  Hanadu delivers Smart Networks for the Low Carbon Home.