Hanadu patents granted

24th October 2016

Xsilon has been informed by both the European and US patent offices that its 2011 patent application for a “Communications system and bit-loading method used in a communications system” are to be granted. This patent is the core of Xsilon’s Hanadu technology. Patent applications in other territories around the globe are continuing.

The patent covers the underlying physical layer transmission techniques that give Xsilon’s Hanadu technology its robustness over domestic powerline connections. Powerline connectivity uses the existing mains electrical wiring in a home as a data link between devices. Powerline complements radio solutions well, allowing the signal to reach those parts of the home where low power radios such as Thread and ZigBee struggle to connect.

Hanadu was developed specifically for internet of things connectivity in the home. As a brand new approach, it was not held back by any need to work with legacy solutions within a pre-existing technology family. Its greenfield approach is based on state of the art communications technology which have subsequently underpinned further developments in LTE cellular communications solutions. In a sense, Hanadu is “Powerline 4G”.

Hanadu is the only powerline solution actively under development within the communications technology industry. Xsilon has a pipeline of further patent filings which will be published in due course.

Hanadu delivers full interoperability with ZigBee and Thread radio solutions. It supports diverse in-home applications including intelligent lighting, home energy management, independent living, smart metering, demand response, home security, e-health and building automation.

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Xsilon Presenting at TechUK Event on Internet of Things

31st July 2015

Xsilon will be presenting at TechUK’s IOT event on 8th September about “The Connected Home: Empowering the consumer through the Internet of Things.”

Xsilon’s chief executive, Russell Haggar, will be appearing on the panels that make up the event, addressing the following topics:

  • Transforming the energy retail offer with connected home technologies
  • The role of IoT in providing better, more affordable health and social care at home
  • Beyond entertainment: Making every home a smart home

For more information about this event, click here

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Hanadu Field Trials Successfully Completed

8th June 2015

Xsilon has successfully completed its technical field trials of its Hanadu technology, in partnership with the UK government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The trials took place in a variety of types of homes at multiple locations across the UK. The purpose was to test Hanadu’s “attic-to-garage” connectivity, and also to demonstrate its relevance to home energy management concepts.

The trials achieved robust connectivity in 100% of the trial sites.

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Xsilon Re-Launches R&D Collaboration With New Partner

17th March 2015

Xsilon successfully bid in 2014 for a £500,000 grant from InnovateUK’s Future Energy Management in Buildings funding call. The consortium that was awarded the grant has now been reconfigured, with Xsilon now acting as the project lead and with the addition of PhotonStar as a new partner in the project. The association with Manchester Metropolitan University continues as well.

The project starts in May this year and will run to the end of 2016. The project focus will be on developing an independent implementation of the emerging Thread protocol, to run over Xsilon’s Hanadu In-Home M2M connectivity, interacting with lighting and sensor units around entire buildings.

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Funding Accelerates Xsilon’s Hanadu Silicon Development

22nd January 2015

Xsilon today agreed terms on funding for an accelerated silicon development activity. In response to strong customer interest, it has established an office in Cambridge, UK ahead of schedule and recruited an industry-leading silicon development team. Design work is now well underway on the HAN250EP Hanadu endpoint silicon modem, which will be built on TSMC’s 65nm low power process.

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Xsilon Invited to Present at DECC Alternative HAN Technology Day

16th December 2014

Xsilon has been asked to present its Hanadu In-Home M2M technology to the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, which oversees the UK’s smart meter roll-out. DECC is seeking technologies to use in the Alternative HAN (home area network), for the 30% of UK homes where the default connectivity option cannot make a connection between the smart meter, the comms hub and/or the in-home display.

Xsilon is one of only a handful of companies invited to present their solutions to a panel of DECC and industry experts.

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Xsilon Joins TechUK’s Internet of Things Council

14th October 2014

Xsilon today took part in the inaugural meeting of techUK’s IOT Council. techUK is the UK’s trade body for the technology industry and it sees the Internet of Things as a key strategic area for British technology companies.

The IOT Council will meet around five times a year to discuss industrial, funding and policy issues affecting the growth and deployment of the Internet of Things both in the UK and globally by UK companies.

The council is representative of the broad range of technology companies involved in IOT developments, spanning service providers, hardware OEMs, application developers and technology innovators. Xsilon is delighted to have been invited to join the council from its inception, and is looking forward to contributing to its work.

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Xsilon Presents at TechUK Workshop on Smart Meter Connectivity

8th October 2014

Xsilon today presented at TechUK’s workshop update on smart meter connectivity in the UK roll-out.

Xsilon’s chief executive, Russell Haggar, explored how Hanadu In-Home M2M is ideally suited for Alternative HAN connectivity in the 30% of UK homes where 2.4GHz ZigBee (the default connectivity solution for UK smart meters) is expected not to work.

For more information about this event, click here

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Xsilon Awarded InnovateUK Grant to Manage Energy Usage in Buildings

3rd March 2014

Xsilon is one of three organisations to share in a £500,000 grant from InnovateUK to develop connected energy management systems for existing building infrastructure. The results of the Future Energy Management in Buildings R&D Collaboration call have been announced (visit the InnovateUK FEMB page here), and Xsilon will be contributing its Hanadu M2M technology as a network solution where radio technologies fail to connect inside buildings.

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Xsilon Opens First R&D Office

18th November 2013

Xsilon has today opened its first R&D office at Bowman House in the Wiltshire market town of Royal Wootton Bassett, just outside Swindon, UK.

The engineering team that is designing the Hanadu modem will be based here, and the company envisages that the location will offer plenty of scope for the growth of the team that is expected over the coming 18 months.

Russell Haggar, Xsilon’s Chief Executive, was quoted as saying “Having been working on the development of Hanadu for over two years, it’s a big milestone for us to come together in a single office with space to grow the technology and the team. We’re very grateful to our investors for the confidence they’ve shown in us by providing the funding that’s enabled this exciting step in Xsilon’s progress.”

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British Business Embassy Showcase

Friday 3rd August 2012

UKTI is staging the British Business Embassy at London’s prestigious Lancaster House for the entire duration of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games. Over this period, it will showcase the best of British industry across a wide range of business sectors to the international audience that will be visiting London during the games.

Xsilon will be presenting on Friday 3rd August and will be showcasing its Hanadu In-Home M2M Solutions, with the first public outing for its HAN9000 Connectivity Evaluation Kit.

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