Like all good concepts, it’s simple.

All homes and businesses need to reduce their energy use to save money and reduce carbon emissions. First generation smart meters will soon be employed to generate consumer awareness, to provide the tools for remote meter reading as well as allowing the supply companies to learn about detailed demand profiles.

But once consumers know how much total energy they are using this naturally leads to questions about which appliances are using the most and given increasing energy prices, how to reduce the cost. The utilities meanwhile have the challenge of how to balance demand with ever more variable generation capacity increasingly derived from renewable sources. 

Hence the need for a network of energy measurement sensors and controllers that can be associated with individual appliances around the home. Coupling these sensors to a smart meter or controller requires the use of a Home Area Network, and that is where we come in.

Quite simply, we’ve taken a fresh look at Home Area Networks and are applying new technology and new ideas to solving this problem. The objective of our work we call Hanadu.