In-Home M2M… for every home

The Internet of Things connects together devices, gadgets, sensors and machinery anywhere on the planet. It already contains well over twice as many connections as there are people on Earth. It is becoming ubiquitous, bringing seamless and fine-grain connectivity to every part of our daily routine. It is widely expected to add up to many tens of billions of nodes within a decade.

Over a third of the connections to the Internet of Things will be within our homes: appliances talking to other appliances, to utilities, to service providers, and to our own devices. This autonomous machine-to-machine communication requires network connectivity that can reach each appliance wherever it is in the home, whichever home that might be. Currently available connectivity technologies cannot deliver such “whole home, every home” coverage. Xsilon’s Hanadu In-Home M2M connectivity is designed precisely to do this.

Connect Everything

Xsilon’s Hanadu In-Home solution

The first networking solution designed specifically for ubiquitous Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity around the home. It connects all devices reliably and dependably, wherever they are in the home.

Hanadu is a key enabler for Smart-Energy Home applications, including Energy Management, Micro-generation monitoring and Demand-Side Response. It provides appliance-level connectivity that meets the needs of hardware vendors, service providers, energy utilities and householders.

Hanadu also implements applications such as Assisted Living, E-Health, Home Automation and Building Control. By design, it integrates closely with leading radio networking technologies (ZigBee, Bluetooth LE, Weightless) to support seamless hybrid network solutions, suited to the particular demands of each home and its mix of applications.

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